Meeting your expectations; employing our standards.
Karen Kinnett Hyatt 
I started Estate Pros LLC in 2011 with the primary goal of serving those left with the overwhelming responsibility of organizing and distributing what remains after someone dies.​ Over the years, I developed an extensively trained team of mature professional associates with the same dedication and commitment to their clients. Our training and combination of services focus on alleviating stress in times of loss and grief.


​​Our mission is to offer an exquisite service rooted in the values of respect, kindness and transparency, to people in transition due to a move, illness or death.
Estate Pros
Marian Fogarty
Projects Manager
Marian began her career working in the hospitality industry before taking a position with the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe. There she learned to care for artwork, organize exhibits and maintain a large property. Experience led her to the Santa Fe gallery world where she worked for 20 years as a bookkeeper, office administrator, and ethnographic art conservationist. Today Marian is a dedicated, professional caregiver and Estate Pro.​
Chris Romero
Projects Manager
Chris comes to Estate Pros with 20 years of experience working in marketing, communications and media relations. After living in San Francisco he briefly relocated to Brooklyn, but soon realized his heart belonged back in New Mexico. Chris enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, cooking and traveling.
Marcelle Cady
Site Facilitator
Marcelle is a project manager with over twenty years of experience. She has worked with a wide range of cultures and in many countries. She has hands-on experience in managing multi-million dollar projects for private, public and government enterprises.​​
Jim Cady
Estate Pro
Jim joined Estate Pros after retiring from a long and successful career in Hollywood as a film and television producer and production manager. His respect for deadlines and his organizational skills are a great asset to the company and to the clients.
Priscilla Cole
Site Facilitator
Priscilla enjoyed a 20 year career as an RN and has since served as a respite caregiver in both the senior and special needs communities, as a volunteer coordinator for Unity Church and the Espanola Animal Shelter, and a resident service coordinator with Section 8 Housing. Writing, hiking, family, dancing and parenting her new puppy Boomerang fills her heart and feeds her soul.​​​​
Dale Stoeppler
Estate Pro
Born in the northwest where the folks are kind and the pines are tall! I always find myself organizing any environment, be it a campsite, my home or someone I have the honor to work for as a caregiver. I work best physically when my heart and soul are in tandem to any task!
Kate Schuster
Estate Pro
Kate is presently a caretaker. Her past professional incarnations include sous chef, restaurant manager and owner of an organizational cleaning service. Kate practices her greatest skill frequently - enjoyment.​
Kathy Oakley
Estate Pro
A retired trust officer, Kathy started her career as a trust investment officer with US Trust in NYC, before moving to New Mexico. In 1998 she helped start Avalon Trust in Santa Fe and served as senior trust officer until retirement. Kathy and her husband enjoy exploring the less-traveled parts of New Mexico and road trips throughout the western United States.